Youtube about to launch paid channel subscription service

With already more than one billion monthly users, digital video market leader Youtube just unveiled an addition to its current economic model coming in the following days.

After months of preparation, Youtube will finally release its latest feature : monthly subscriptions to access specific channels.

Estimated to around 1,99$ per month, this subscription service will start with around 50 channels.

So what will you pay for ?

Subscribers will be able to access channels from specialists on different topics, and will be able to watch exclusive contents, TV shows, films… They will also be freed from adverts usually covering a part of the Youtube videos.

This new service could compete with other streaming services where channels operators can stream contents to be accessed by registered users. Depending on the partners involved in this new feature, cable and satellite channels could also suffer the competition at some point.

By this move Youtube aims at giving further revenue sources to its own channels operators, and make an addition to its existing business model. Furthermore, with the raise of professional channels, Youtube heads towards more quality contents, and of course expanding its audience, as it claims to have already benefited from the advent of its channels in first place.

So far many users keep considering Youtube primarily as a user-generated content platform, even though they will stay tuned and open minded, awaiting to see what this new function could bring.