What is Corporate Social Responsibility? A free event for Cambodian Startups!

Have you wondered why is Corporate Social Responsibility vital to your business or how does Corporate Integrity play a role in your company? If you are an upcoming start-up or among the entrepreneur circles, you can have all your queries answered on both CSR and Business Integrity with advice from experts this Saturday!

Organized by Social Enterprise Cambodia in partnership with CSR Asia and Transparency International Cambodia, this talk is held Saturday May 9, from 9am to 4pm top floor at Joma Bakery Café on Norodom Boulevard in Phnom Penh.

Startups can expect to learn the basics of CSR and how it is implemented, as well as to get insightful tips on how to implement corporate integrity systems to increase the awareness of anti-bribery policies to create a stronger business for greater social impact.

Startups, young entrepreneurs and those interested in how CSR and Corporate integrity can add value to their business are highly encouraged to attend this informative and insightful workshop!

The event is free and includes a networking lunch. Follow the link here
to register.