What about Linkedin in Asia?

After surpassing more than 1 million users in Indonesia a year ago, and in Malaysia last November, Linkedin, one of the leading business social networks in the world, just announced reaching 1 million users in Singapore.

In Singapore, businesses which are most represented on the network are related to education management, financial services and IT.

Linkedin has undoubtedly become more than significant in South East Asia lately (more than 5 million users in South East Asia), with 1 million users in Malaysia, and 1,5 million users in Indonesia and Philippines.

It remains also extremely popular in other asian countries (around 40 million users in Asia and Pacific areas), such as China (3 million users), India (19 million users), Japan (more than 500 000 users)…

Asia represents a promising market in Linkedin expansion, as it comes in second position in terms of year-over-year users growth. Asian market is indeed expanding very fast, and asian-based companies see their needs in terms of HR becoming more and more important. Hunting for relevant profiles, with accurate skills and significant experiences can be really challenging, and tools like Linkedin can make the task easier.

Ellyne Phneah notes in her last article on znet.com, that Linkedin will keep focusing on their mobile strategy development, as they’re aware of the importance of mobile traffic in Asia.

We’ll get back soon with more insights on Linkedin is South East Asia.

Update on may 20th : Linkedin recently announced to have crossed 20 million members in India. The amount of Linkedin members in India could be compared to the amount of people living Mumbai’s metropolitan area. Most represented fields on Linkedin India are softwares, IT industry, and also accounting. Since the professional social network started its operations in India in 2009, it has grown by nearly 500%. Linkedin recently confirmed to our team that they were now at over 40 million members across APAC area, “growing at a rate of new 2 members / second globally”.