Waste Management Conference Raises Ideas for Cambodia

Waste management is an ever growing concern in Cambodia as the population continues to grow and centralise in cities, and understanding of the importance of properly disposing of plastic and waste increases. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) recently brought together some of Cambodia’s top experts to look at how digitalisation can offer solutions.

In addition to local organisations exhibiting their ideas and solutions, speakers shed light on business chances and the use of digitalization to prevent, recycle and recover waste and make use of the benefits of the digital era.

“What’s amazing is that people don’t just come and listen to a few talks, what we focus on is facilitating dialogue,” said Lilli Tabea Albrecht, a Junior Research Associate at KAS, and the author of KAS’ research paper on the topic.

The distinguished panel answered questions from a diverse and curious audience.

Lilli hoped that participants got a chance to network and a space contribute their own solutions and ideas to the “visible, but not sexy” topic of waste management in Cambodia.

“It’s one of these issues we really need to tackle, and it’s one of these issues that everyone can help tackle.”

Local startup SmartBin Cambodia (and SmartStart finalists) was held up as a great example of an attempt to apply digital technology to Cambodia’s waste management problems.

Having worked in Solid Waste Management in the kingdom for almost 19 years, Dr. Jürgen Stäudel, director of LotusConsulting and one of the speakers, told attendees that there are opportunities in the Kingdom to boost waste management.

“I believe now’s a good time to open up the collection system to have a more competitive environment. To give opportunity for expertise that’s already in the country and give them a chance to contribute in a positive way and improve the system.”

One of the stalls at the exhibition of the ConfEx.

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