Wacky Gadgets

At Geeks In Cambodia, we review gadgets and inform you of the latest tech that could change your life, but don’t we all need to let loose sometimes? This time round, we present to you: Wacky Gadgets, the craziest gadgets you have never dreamed of. Some of them have turned out to be pretty useful, but some others just seem redundant. Nevertheless, here are our four picks.

1_Flask Tie

First up, the FlaskTie. If you go into the office one day and realise you do not have a mug, you might be wishing you wore the flask tie. This accessory is exactly what it sounds like – a necktie where you can conceal your favourite drink in. According to them, “FlaskTie guarantees you’ll be more stylish and less thirsty than your friends. Looking good was never so refreshing.” The instructions are simple:

2_Flask Tie Instructions

Never again will you be dehydrated during boring meetings! If you are not very concerned about getting weird side glances, simply whip it out and have a gulp. For the ladies, want the same? The people who came up with FlaskTie also came up with FlaskScarf.

Next, the Punching Bag Keyboard. Have you ever gotten so frustrated while replying to emails that you simply need to punch something (hopefully not someone)? This crazy gadget lets you workout as you work.

1_Punching Keyboard

Dubbed the N°41 Workout Computer, this design project allocates each key on the keyboard to a separate punching bag. “The keyboard stands as a statement against sitting in front of a screen all day, largely immobile.” Is this the future of anger venting? Watch it in action below!

Need to know whether someone has been lying but do not have access to a lie detector test you see on the television? Perhaps you should take a look at this USB Lie Detector Test, which uses sensors to take readings of the pulse rate and changes in reponse to questioning. Simply plug it to your computer and analyse the readings.

1_USB Lie

Data is stored in real time, so you can assess whether your suspect is lying. In this situation, though, your suspect might be anyone from a spouse to friend to your child. Use it to spice up truth sessions amongst friends, or to determine who forgot to take out the trash. Compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Bored of simply eating and smelling what the food you put in your mouth? Our final choice, Aroma Fork, will solve that for you. The fork has a compartment for an absorbent scent pad that you can drop different aromas on. For instance, you could be eating marshmallows and smelling wasabi. Sounds fun already!


Break it open at dinner parties, or just to experiment. Warning: Hilarity will ensue should you pair the cinnamon aroma with yummy fried eggs. The kit comes with 21 different aromas to weird you out. Have fun pairing them up.


Though some of these Wacky Gadgets just seem impractical, some have definitely opened our eyes. Know of any Wacky Gadgets? ;-)