Wacky Gadgets of The Month: Saaaay…Wacky!

Wacky ideas aren’t so tacky anymore with the integration of technology. Today, wacky gadgets have kicked up a notch and are even wackier than before! Geeks in Cambodia have two very wacky gadgets to share with you today and they are both related to a body part we all have. That’s right, your mouth! Say…wacky! Pretty sure you have heard of a singing and electric toothbrush but have you heard of an intelligent toothbrush?

Now, you shall! The Kolibree intelligent toothbrush is a smart, sonic toothbrush that aims to efficiently remove plague, and to transform brushing into a moment of education and fun. Sounds fun already? Playing games while brushing your teeth is definitely every child’s dream! The toothbrush is connected to an app which provides you with feedback on your brushing habits, which allows you to know where you are brushing and consists of games to have parents motivate their children to brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day. For example, the Go! Pirate game where you get to collect coins along a pontoon as a pirate runs as you brush. So, at the end of your brushing session, your coins will constitute to the treasure chest.

Incorporating games during a daily routine? Intelligent indeed.

taken from youtube.com

Next up on our wacky-not-so-tacky list, we have the…Hapifork! Apparently, the creators of Hapifork realised that a lot of people are eating too quickly which leads to poor digestion and weight gain. So, they created the Hapifork – an electronic fork that vibrates when you eat too fast! You are also able to see your meals’ stats in real time and check your time in between fork servings. Even better, it uploads your date wirelessly! See it for yourself here!

taken from youtube.com

There we have it, our wacky gadgets. Pretty ingenious, we must say. But, wacky or tacky? You tell us!