Wacky Gadgets of the Month: November

Come the month of November, we are thrilled to share with you our finds this month and to walk you through two wacky gadgets we handpicked for you to find out!

On the top of our list, we have the kids smart shoes by the very clever people at MediaTek! Parents these days are spoiled for choices with the array of shoes that are available for their kids but as we progress with time, shoes offered now have gone up a notch.

The MediaTek’s 361 smart shoes is a pair of children’s sneakers with a difference. Not only does it come equipped with a built-in tracker to allow parents to locate their children in real-time on a map, it also integrated geo-fencing technology that alerts parents when the shoes break a set boundary.

Now, you might be thinking that wouldn’t it be easy to misplace such a tracker? Well, the MediaTek team had it all well thought through as the tracker is built directly into the footwear, making it less likely to fall off.

These shoes run on a wireless battery part that can last approximately up to 3 days and can be recharged on a charging plate. Children, all safe and sound!

Next on our list is the high-tech dog collar – The Buddy, created by Squeaker on Kickstarter. The Buddy boasts its safety features with it being able to glow at night with LED lights, making it easier for you to track your buddy by the GPS system in case he escapes from the yard. This takes safety to a fun whole new level! It is also able to monitor temperature around the pooch and alert you when it enters danger zone.

Similar to Fitbit, The Buddy tracks steps, sleep, calories burned and food intake. What’s even better? You get to meet other Buddy users with its doggy social-networking features, allowing you to share comments, photos and even tell you when Buddy users are near you!

With an astounding number of features, the features are endless! From activity monitoring, food scanner, health stats, social alerts to home automation and more! We also hear that this kickstarter plans to include a speaker, microphone pack and training software in its expansions plan. How paw-fect is this?

It is incredible how ideas can develop to make a difference in the society and how wacky gadgets as such not only inject the element of fun but also help solve certain issues in our daily lives. Nonetheless, are they wacky or tacky? You tell us!