Wacky Gadgets: Genius or Madness?

At Geeks In Cambodia, our aim is to highlight interesting tech news and keep you updated on all the happenings. Wacky Gadgets is our way of getting you to sit back, relax and enjoy these insane gadgets. As you read through some of these gadgets, think to yourself – are they genius or madness?

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First on our agenda – Frebble, the “wireless accessory that lets you hold someone’s hand from anywhere in the world”. This gadget was successfully funded on Kickstarter late last year. Frebble allows you to connect with your loved ones no matter where they are, and feel as though you are holding their hand.

At any point in time when you give your Frebble a squeeze, the corresponding one will apply a little pressure to your loved one’s hand. Apparently it will make you feel as close as possible when you use Frebble on a video call. For just US$90 (price it was going for on Kickstarter), you and your loved one can transcend distances to hold hands. Check out how it works:


Feel like you are not getting enough exercise? Perhaps the treadmill desk might help. Instead of just focusing on work, you can now shed some weight at the same time! At US$1,300, you can get your very own desk plus treadmill ensemble. Frustrated at work? You can literally walk the stress off while doing some more work.

Treadmill Desk 1

Are you doubting its benefits and thinking, “How would anyone feel comfortable walking all day”? The story of how one man did use a treadmill desk and absolutely loved it might change your mind.


Here comes a gadget that has no seeming utility other than to hold your phone and brush your hair. No, we are not kidding. At a low price of US$15, you can pick up your very own selfie brush. Your hair will always look good in every selfie!

Selfie 1

Yes, it does seem ridiculous, but for the most narcissistic of them all, perhaps it is a dream come true. The older version even sports a mirror to check yourself out, though its necessity is baffling, considering it is situated right next to your phone (a.k.a front camera mirror).


Last on this edition of Wacky Gadgets…the Bionic Bird! Having raised an astonishing 621% of their original crowdfunding goal, you might expect more than what it actually is – a mechanical bird you can control from your phone.

Bionic Bird 1

The Bionic Bird has a foam body, as well as carbon fiber tail and wings, and it weighs just 9 grams. It seems that real birds are attracted to it, but the Bionic Bird is “fearless in the face of predators” thanks to its form. Future plans seems to include gesture control, where you can control the bird just by moving your hands, which would make it much cooler.


So what were your thoughts on these gadgets? Were they absolutely genius or insane madness?