Vine now available on Android devices

Last week, we introduced the Vine mobile app, a short video sharing and social networking app, powered by Twitter.

This introduction informed that the app, launched five months ago, was only available on IOS devices and that the Android version was on the way. It is thing done, as Vine announced three days ago its being available now on Android devices.

This news comes along with Twitter’s announcement of their reaching 13 million Vine users already, in addition to the previous information released on  April 9th about Vine becoming the numer 1 downloaded app on the iTunes store.

Speaking about news, Vine has also recently experienced a media exposure related to its being hacked ! Indeed, a sixteen year old “junior hacker” managed to passby the native six seconds duration limit of the Vine’s videos. The teenager managed to break into the Android app version, publishing videos lasting three and a half minutes. He explained this hacking was just for fun, and also apologized to the Vine engineering team.

“Honestly, it was just for my friends and the people who follow me on Twitter and Vine” 

“I truly feel awful for the engineers whose day I ruined with my stupid messing around”

Last but not least about Vine, yesterday, an operation was launched to create a world record, based on the “Choose (RED) Save Lives this June” AIDS campaign. The aim of this Vine record was to create as many red related videos as possible, to show, in one day, a support to this campaign.

Here is an exemple of the kind of “RED” videos published through Vine that day :