VenueHub: Somewhere Only We Know

Have you heard of VenueHub? It is a new online concept launched to simplify the process of finding suitable venues for personal and business events, and since their introduction last year, they have successfully established themselves in Hong Kong and Thailand.

VenueHub Thailand

With hundreds of venues contained in their website, they have created an impression of efficient venue-booking for their clients, and an increase of sales leads for their venue managers. They are on their way to significantly increasing their database of venue clients and the volume of enquiries made through the site within the year.

VenueHub Thailand

Their website layout is very simple to use. All you have to do is decide on the intention of your event (music gig? Business conference? Birthday party?), and choose from the filtered results. You can set your budget, set your desired area boundaries, and even enjoy a 360 degrees virtual tour of the venue before picking the perfect place to host your event.

They are currently looking into expanding to the rest of the Asian market by calling for interested partners to invest in their project for a very minimal investment. Investors will be given a fully functioning VenueHub website and system branded for the specific country of origin, and specialised marketing coaching by the team to make sure that the business is successful. The investors will essentially run the show for the country’s venue as the company encourages entrepreneurship!

If you are interested, do contact Bart Medici at or Adam Whiting at for more information!