Unleash your phone’s inner console!

As we’re addicted to mobile gaming and gadgets at the same time, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to introduce today’s gadget : an adapter turning your smartphone into a console !

This adapter can be paired with controllers initially made for a PlayStation3 use. The whole thing (controller + adapter) can be attached to some Android devices for a “full console experience”.


The gadget can be plugged onto Galaxy S3 and S4 smartphones, as well as Nexus 7 for instance. But as some devices may not work with the item, it is important to check the compatibility with your Android smartphone or tablet in first place, which can be done thanks to the application sixaxis compatibility checker, that will let you know whether your phone / tablet can be paired or not.

Both casual and steady gamers might be interested in this kind of item, renown to undeniably improve mobile gaming experience, at a very affordable rate.

Indeed, the adapter and its wires cost around 20$ only.

You can go through the following videos to learn more about the product :