Trendy advertising in Cambodia : Digital Displays

Last week, Aerva, a pioneer company in digital signage technology, announced an exclusive agreement with International Display Advertising Inc. to provide Worldwide Network Management services for display points. Aerva provides companies with AerWave, a Web-based platform for managing and scheduling contents on networked displays, with integration for social media, real-time data feeds and mobile interactivity.

We were particularly interested in this news, as digital displays caught our attention more than once in Cambodia. You might have noticed them as well, whether you sit for a burger or go for a shopping session at the mall, digital displays are more and more numerous in Phnom Penh.

In Asia, digital signage experiences are already growing to another level, as Amobee Singapore, a leader company in mobile advertising, have recently announced their entering the “digital-out-of-home (DOOH) market”. For Amobee CEO Mr Trevor Healy, “Digital displays are continuously evolving” and “Shopping in stores will be an entirely new experience”.

In Cambodia, several companies offer this kind of advertising. Mr Dina Sang, Marketing Manager at MekongNet, informed us that their group provided various displays located in elevators, restaurants, and other locations across the city. Sabay also relies on their sister company CBM to display screen in restaurants for advertising purposes.

Meeting with Franck from Impact, allowed us to discover his company’s intention to bring the digital signage to another level, by offering interactive screens. Those ones could be displayed in malls or business centers, allowing visitors to identify easily the place they want to reach. Those engaging interactive display experiences could help in facilitating the purchase process, and could bring a serious value to some retail outlets.

With upcoming projects such as Aeon Mall or Olympic City, it appears that digital display advertising can expect to have a bright future in Phnom Penh, providing the features reach a sufficient level of technology, such as network management, social media or mobile integration. We can even think about going further, like in Europe where some displays were developed with sensors allowing to measure how long people stared at each advertising.

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