Trending Teens: Full Infographic

Back in July, we uploaded a sneak peek of our “Trending Teens” infographic, which analyses how social media is used by the youth in Cambodia. We received such a high number of requests to access it that we promised to publish the full infographic. Finally, it is here, coupled with our analysis, insights and advice for your brand.

We surveyed over 200 students across Phnom Penh’s various universities with a tailored questionnaire, answering your burning questions on the digital presence of Cambodia’s youth. Presenting, our insights:

Firstly, the top social networking site used is Facebook at 91%. This is followed far off by YouTube (51%), Instagram (7.5%), Twitter (6%), and Others (Tumblr, Skype, Google+).

About 30% of participants use social media several times a day, followed by approximately 25% who use it a few times a week. Majority (76%) go on social media platforms to search for information. This means when youth want to know more about your brand, there is a high chance that they will search your name up on social media. 64% use social media to connect with friends and family, 28.5% to play games or for entertainment purposes and 15.5% for business networks.

51.5% of our survey participants engage with brands by commenting, posting comments on the brands’ walls and sending messages. All of them responded that they have engaged with brands these ways at least once.

Now comes why you need to know this. Based on these interactions that youths have with your brand (solely on social media), they can decide whether or not they like your brand. The survey shows that if they like the brand, 53% would follow their page and 17.5% would recommend the brand to their friends.

So now you know that they do value these interactions, but you might be wondering…what kind of posts attract them to engage with you? 32% of participants watch brand videos, and 28% share brand photos.

On the flipside, what happens if they are not happy with your brand? What methods do they use to lodge their complaints? 26% will complain to their friends, which will surely spread like wildfire through word-of-mouth, 24% do not bother complaining, 19.5% will call your hotline, and 9.5% will post a comment on Facebook.

49% of participants agree that a brand should have a strong customer service system, and 63% feel that customer service in Cambodia can be improved further.

So what steps should you take?

Firstly, if you do not already have one, get a website. An astounding 75.5% of youth responded it is important that a brand has a website. Think about improving your SEO and visibility online as well, because 63% of youth find information about brands through Google. Also make sure that your social media pages are equipped with enough information, as 42% of participants access these pages to find out more about your brand.

Secondly, what should you post on your social media platforms? 43% of respondents want brand information to be online, and 40% expect discounts and giveaways. You could create promotional activities that require brand engagement such as liking, commenting or sharing your post. This increases your visibility on social media.

18% want to be able to discuss queries with the brand online. Not only should you monitor online social commentary, you should also do it fast. Speed is crucial on social networking sites, and you should always answer comments and be quick in crisis management. 16% enjoy brands that entertain them, which means you should plan posts that are relatable to your target market and your consumers.

Just by having a social media page, 63% of youth are more likely to purchase your brand. Do not underestimate the power of social networking, and its importance in customer engagement.

Check out the infographic below, and we hope you learnt a thing or two!