The Leading Ladies Of “Silicon Valley Comes To Cambodia”

Cambodians in Tech (CiT) is back with another event to boost the tech scene in Cambodia, this time bringing their leading ladies with them.

Based in California, CiT is just as its name implies – a non-profit community of Cambodians in the tech industry with the aim to increase the number of Cambodians in tech through community, education and inspiration in the form of initiatives and programmes. Just last year, they held their very first Hackathon #SVtoPP in the Kingdom, challenging aspiring tech entrepreneurs to come up with tech-based solutions to real world problems. Winners were then given the chance to be mentored by top entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley.

This year, they’ve switched up their approach and are introducing an off-the-record tech talk and panel with two brilliant women from Silicon Valley, Kathleen Chaykowski and Evie Gillie, that would undoubtedly make the event as enriching and inspiring as #SVtoPP was.

Branching from two different areas of expertise, Kathleen Chaykowski is a reporter in Forbes’ tech team that covers the people and innovations of digital and social media, and has most recently been covering the Snapchat IPO. Evie Gillie, on the other hand, is the Director of Engineering at one of Silicon Valley’s hottest startups, with an impressive resume boasting big names like Stanford, Google and Facebook.

The speakers’ differing experiences and depths in their individual fields is a sure sign of two well-rounded tech talks that will be featured in the event.

Adding on to the already spectacular lineup of speakers, the panel is also moderated by Cambodia’s very own tech leading lady, Malypoeur Plong, who is often hailed as one of the most accomplished and outstanding Khmer women in tech.

Armed with her Master’s degree in Internet Computing and various software design & programming projects, Malypouer is not only extremely well-versed in the tech and digital scene. She is also the sole creator of “Stops Near Me”, an app that makes information on Phnom Penh’s city bus services more accessible to the public.

It is humbling to know that her stellar credentials do not outshine her heart for the community. One of her various contributions include being part of Cambodian Technovation as a technical mentor that helps out teenage girls develop mobile apps to tackle social issues

We are absolutely positive that with such outstanding women present at the panel discussion and tech talks, the entire event would be a rewarding and educational experience. Speakers would also engage in a short Q&A session, and what better way to clarify any tech questions than to ask the seasoned players of the scene themselves?

This event will be held at Emerald Hub on Saturday, 25th March, from 2pm to 4pm. So why not spare just two hours of your day to make full use of this rare opportunity to learn from and network with some of Silicon Valley’s and Cambodia’s finest?

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