The Launch of GBG Women In Cambodia

In a recent venture to encourage female participation in the communal activities of Google Business Groups (GBG), the GBG Women Phnom Penh and GBG Phnom Penh will organise the first GBG Women event to driving technology-enabled entrepreneurship opportunities and helping women become more successful by leveraging the power of the Internet from the early stage of their startups.

GBG Women Launch 2014 Geeks In Cambodia

What is GBG Women?

GBG Women is an active division of GBG Phnom Penh that aims to help every women – entrepreneurs, bloggers, SMEs, professionals or even home makers to start using the Internet and web technologies to their professional advancement. It isn’t a separate community, but a group of people within the GBG sector passionate about women in technology.

Their motto is to “Use Technology for Business Success”. They achieve this by conducting free events, workshops, seminars, conferences and day long sessions where expert speakers simplify the learning process of using technology to get your business online, advertising on the web, social media marketing and more.

Sikieng Sok, a dedicated woman working towards to increasing women’s participation in the community activities of GBG Phnom Penh, heads GBG Women Phnom Penh currently.

Event Information

The GBG Women event will be held on 31 May 2014 from 8:00am to 12:00pm at Development Innovations. For more information please find out more from the Agenda below:


8:00AM-8:30AM: Registration & Networking

8:30AM-8:45AM: Welcome & Introduction to GBG Women by GBG Women Leader

8:45AM-9:45AM: Keynote speakers (15mn):

- Speaker 1: Ms. San Vannary Topic: “Women entrepreneurs on Fashion & Handicraft in Cambodia, Social Enterprise.”

- Speaker 2: Ms.Stella Jezebelle Topic: “Find more customers through social media”

- Speaker 3: Ms.Reth Chantharoth Topic: “Women Career in web technology”

- Speaker 4: Ms. Mith Leakhena Topic: “A new business venture in Cambodia”

9:45AM-10:00AM: Coffee break

10:00AM-10:15AM: Game

10:15AM-11:00AM: Panel discussion: Business with technology from experienced local entrepreneurs.

11:00AM-12:00PM: Presentation from Professional IT technician ( the goal is to help women present their business online) : – Build an online presence: Google site , a Youtube channel, and Business page. by Ms. Soeun Thavry – Collaborating effectively: Tools like Gmail, Calendar, and Google Drive and connecting with customers: Google plus , Google Analysis by Ms. Saing Sonika

12:00PM-12:05PM: Audience step up and closing


This event is free to join and welcomes both women and men. You can RSVP your attendance here! We hope to see you there and have fun!


Edited by: Cally Cheung