The Launch Event of TosFUND, Cambodia’s First Crowdfunding Platform

On June 30, TosFUND, the first crowdfunding platform in Cambodia, was launched at the Khmer Surin.

TosFUND is seeking to make the world a better place while showcasing Cambodian skills and talent. It aims to develop organic models for development, led by citizens and supported by the civil society.

The night was peppered with performances from young artists who are releasing their original music on Songkites, the first crowdfunded album in Cambodia. After the opening address, the launch event went full steam ahead with TosFUND’s various crowdfunding platforms.

One of the teams promoting their crowdfunding campaign

From anti-corruption tuk tuks to youth volunteerism for community development, the projects aim to improve Cambodia in one way or another.

One of the singer-songwriters performing at the event

One of the projects, the Khmerism Keyboard Layout, seeks to facilitate an easier, faster and more convenient way of typing in Khmer. It re-organises the Khmer letter positions and is positioned in a way where the “Shift” button will be used infrequently. Khmerism Keyboard Layout’s goal is US$1,800. It has raised US$200 during the time of publication.

Khmer Spirit is an app created by Dim Bunthoeun, a web developer, and Rint Hoeuth, an artist. It focuses on educating the Cambodian public on the environment through stories drawn by Rint. The free version of the app offers half of the stories, while the remaining stories have to be crowdfunded to be released. Khmer Spirit has exceeded its $600 goal.

Climate Change Café, another one of TosFUND’s projects, is dedicated to being an innovative intervention to climate change. With eco-friendly and fair trade materials, the café aims to raise awareness on environmental ethics, especially amongst youths. The Climate Change Café is seeking investors for its funding.

Cedric Jancloes, co-founder of TosFUND, addressed the main objectives of the crowdfunding platform, along with its progress so far.

Co-founder Cedric Jancloes giving his opening speech

TosFUND has reached an approximate 600 donors and raised a total of $5600, with the campaign 1000 Days nearly tripling its original goal. With close to 10 thousand likes, the crowdfunding platform has reached over one million people on Facebook. Its video has also garnered 550,000 views.

TosFUND is sponsored by Cellcard, USAID, Wing and Acleda Bank. Their partners are Development Innovations, Rotati, Come Together and Action IEC.

Laszlo Barta, Chief Commercial Officer of Cellcard, drew parallels between the spirit of Cellcard’s #KhmerWeCan initiative and TosFUND. He said: “If you believe in something, and if you have the strength to keep up, you will have great success.”