The Advent of 3D Technology Talents in Cambodia

Although “3D” has become a popular word, it remains obvious that many people are not aware of the use of this technology in their everyday life. As you watch a TV show, a movie, a commercial, or play a video game, you don’t necessarily realize  how surrounded by 3D technology you can be ! But so it is, as major design for advertising or video purpose nowadays relies on 3D.

As a result of the raise of this technology, more and more profiles featuring skills in 3D are required, especially in design, communication, marketing and cinema industries. In Cambodia, tech companies are growing, mobile gaming is blooming, and needs in terms of advertising keep increasing along with local economic growth. Needless to say HR departments have started focusing on tech and design issues, not always easy to solve in Cambodia so far (and even abroad from what we know actually !).

As training can be the key to fill the gap in terms of tech skills, we decided to highlight this week a special school we had the opportunity to meet recently. Aiming at growing talents in 3D technology in Cambodia, O3D Asia school brings resources and passion to Phnom Penh since 2010.

03D Asia phnom penh cambodia

First school ever to teach 3D skills in Cambodia, O3D Asia is a branch of a French school named “Objectif 3D” created in Montpellier in 1991. The school was initially focused on graphic design and Information Technology and then expanded its programs to 3D. Here in Phnom Penh, O3D Asia is 100% focused on 3D training, with very accurate and thorough resources. Dispensed courses are organized in a 2 years term, during which students learn how to use softwares such as Photoshop, 3DS max, Maya, Mary, Soft image, After effect, Z brush, and more…

o3D asia school phnom penh

The term is organized as follows :

During first year, students discover the basics of each specialization (story board – lights – textures – shapes…) and then have to make their choice amongst subjects taught.

During second year, students specialize in one of the previous field depending on their abilities and interests. They can therefore focus on developing high level specific skills.

Throughout their training, students go through theories and lessons, and also produce concrete projects, sometimes for real companies. They also end up by producing a personal project, which consists in a video presenting all the materials they were able to create. This final project, also called “bande demo” is a sort of CV / Resume that students can use for future job researches purpose.

Here is an example of video materials usually featured in those demos :

After two years of courses and a final exam, students are graduated with a French diploma entitled “Infographiste 3D” which is internationally recognized. With this diploma, they can expect to work in various fields such as Cinema, Video games, Advertising, Visual Effects, Special Effects and more…

Whatever their position would be, they will have to demonstrate some of the following skills:

  • Pre-production: Story board (drawing, establishing script / scenario).
  • Modeling: Creating shapes (details) with no textures and no colors.
  • Texturing: Creating colors and textures (such as plastic or iron for example).
  • Lighting: Managing light in the animation.
  • Animation: Movement, keyframing, bones creation, distorsions management, organic animation.
  • Rendering: Specific step of the 3D creation.
  • Compositing: Gathering all steps and making corrections for the final render harmony.
  • Post-production: video editing, visual effects.

As classes gather mixed profiles, with different nationalities and different social backgrounds, students testify this experience as a good way to go through cross cultural aspects and build teamwork skills too.

As we met with the team only short time after school has finished, we learnt from them that four of their students had already found a job, few days before being even graduated !

The school had the kindness to allow us to display a beautiful sample of some 3D animation, which is an excerpt of a video animation developed for the project “Money Museum” in Cambodia. Enjoy !

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