TEKHTALK: Women on Social Media for Social Impact

With the rising digital age in Cambodia, social media use has grown ever more prevalent in our developing Kingdom.

And as social media has proven in all the countries it inhibits, the impacts, although varied, are large and lasting. Similarly, the same can be said about the social media trend in our Kingdom.

Particularly, the societal impact of social media can be seen through the youths of this generation, who are using Facebook daily to share information, keep in touch with friends and family, or to play interactive games.

With such a wide scope of activities that can be done on the various social media platforms that are in use by many across Cambodia, have you ever wondered how these online tools can be more than just for fun and games?

If you answered yes, then the Tekh Talk ‘Women on Social Media for Social Impact’ happening this Sunday is the event for you!

Launched this year, Tekh Talks is a series of events that bring together players of the tech scene to share their experiences and knowledge related to innovative technologies and ideas.

This Tekh Talk will be specifically zooming into the ever-relevant social media platforms, how it can be a tool to drive social good, and what the roles of women are in this movement.

As you would’ve guessed, 4 distinguished female speakers and moderator will be part of the panel. They are:

-       Catherine V Harry – Writer for Politikoffee, and a Blogger at A Dose of Cath that discusses social issues.

-        Didem Tali – An award-winning freelance multimedia journalist, Turkish photographer and writer that regularly reports on refugees, as well as women and girls.

-       SokCheng Seang – The ‘curious mind’ blogger of Ms Cheng Corner, where she finds answers to anything she finds intriguing, and a freelance Book Reviewer at Khmer Times

-       Boromey Sreang (Moderator) – co-founder of WEduShare, a platform that shares and provides educational content.

With speakers with a myriad of fields and interest, but all on the same page of discussing what the wide scope of social media can provide to make a positive impact, you would be guaranteed to leave the event with fresh perspectives on this matter.

This TEKHTALK will be held at TEKHUB on 16th July, so hurry and sign up here: http://bit.ly/2u09YbX as seats are limited! For more information, please visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/women-on-social-media-for-social-impact-tickets-36064720550.