Technology and Future Development Workshop in Cambodia: Android Application Development

The National Institute of Posts, Telecommunications, and ICT (NIPTICT) is organizing a series of workshops related to technology and future development in Cambodia. In this month’s edition, learn more about Android Application Development with guest speaker Mr NOU Chandanit, android developer at CamMob, a Cambodian startup that concentrates on the development of mobile applications and websites.

Set to be held at the National Institute of Posts, Telecommunications and ICT Satellite Building this Thursday (7th May), the workshop will last from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. Those who greatly benefit from the workshop and should attend it include students, government officers, communicators, business owners, and IT experts.

So, why is this talk of interest? Well, android has taken the tech world over by storm, with hundreds of millions of mobile gadgets in over 190 countries worldwide. As the biggest and fastest growing installed foundation of any mobile platform, approximately a million users turn on their Android gadgets for the first time everyday, where they then begin to search for Android applications and other information provided by electronic mediums.

Thus, with such a huge international platform, the market for creating apps and games for Android consumers is ever expanding with its huge potentiality.

To find out more about the workshop, check out NIPTICT’s Facebook page here.

Additionally, pertaining to the technology sector in Cambodia, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC) is organizing the prestigious Cambodia ICT Award. You can read more about it here.