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Amazon and HTC partner on a new smartphone project

After 2 years of rumors, The Financial Times claims that Amazon, one of the world leading e-commerce company, would team up with HTC Corporation to release a new smartphone. One of the three devices discussed by both companies has moved into a more advanced stage and should be released in 2014. Rumors about Amazon’s entering … More


Online Gaming Competition in Cambodia

Two weeks ago, we introduced Sabay, a cambodia-based company providing, among other things, the leading gaming experience in the Kingdom.
As fundamental gamers, the representation we have of online and video games does not only include the fun part, but also pictures them as creative tools. Although, we are aware of the controversies often applying when … More


Trendy advertising in Cambodia : Digital Displays

Last week, Aerva, a pioneer company in digital signage technology, announced an exclusive agreement with International Display Advertising Inc. to provide Worldwide Network Management services for display points. Aerva provides companies with AerWave, a Web-based platform for managing and scheduling contents on networked displays, with integration for social media, real-time data feeds and mobile interactivity.


Internet access in Cambodia : A chat with Digi CEO

Cambodia’s Internet generation is increasingly connected through mobile devices, contrary to other countries where mobile surfing is considered secondary to broadband.
Wide network coverage implies that many provincial residents access the Internet with their mobile phones. The verdict is simple – 3G subscribers are on the rise and cable access users are at the bottom … More


SABAY : A Digital Leader in Cambodia

As Geeks based in Cambodia, we couldn’t miss speaking about SABAY, one of the leading entertainment actors in the Kingdom !
We discovered by ourselves in first place that SABAY is one of Cambodia’s leading publisher. They provide online entertainment and various online contents. For example, they propulse online and mobile games, web application development, mobile … More

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