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Internet access in Cambodia : A chat with Digi CEO

Cambodia’s Internet generation is increasingly connected through mobile devices, contrary to other countries where mobile surfing is considered secondary to broadband.
Wide network coverage implies that many provincial residents access the Internet with their mobile phones. The verdict is simple – 3G subscribers are on the rise and cable access users are at the bottom … More


SABAY : A Digital Leader in Cambodia

As Geeks based in Cambodia, we couldn’t miss speaking about SABAY, one of the leading entertainment actors in the Kingdom !
We discovered by ourselves in first place that SABAY is one of Cambodia’s leading publisher. They provide online entertainment and various online contents. For example, they propulse online and mobile games, web application development, mobile … More


Google Street View available in Cambodia

Global Internet leader Google finally brings its cameras into Cambodia for its photo-collecting project in Southeast Asia.
Google Maps, with Street View, opens a window to the world’s streets thanks to 360-degree images previously collected. More than only streets, you also can discover amazing places and even travel million miles in one-click to contemplate wonders … More


KTOP might be paving the way of online market in Cambodia

Launched in 2005, KTOP is a Cambodian service company that caters for mobile and computer users. Initially, KTOP provided general tech services such as software installation, unlocking cell phones, and general installation support for mobile devices. Starting from late 2012, KTOP made the move to extend their services to selling various hardware and IT products, … More


7 Makara : Another Successful Marketplace in Cambodia

We recently had the pleasure to meet Mr Meng Kim, General Manager at Kalicee, a successful Cambodia-based company focused on professional IT solutions. Amongst the wide range of services they provide (web hosting, tailored web and mobile applications…), we were especially curious to learn more about 7 Makara, an online marketplace that caught our attention.

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