Taking Education Up A Notch With Technology: Edtech in Cambodia Series

Last week, we gave you a glimpse of the existing Edtech used inside schools, as well as how these technologies can actually be intertwined into their curriculums. This week, we delve deeper into the world of online platforms and mobile applications that have helped to perpetuate why Edtech is still a buzzword all over the Cambodian startup ecosystem till now!

We will be exploring a vast array of popular educational mobile applications and online platforms that cater to students and learners from all walks of life; namely Khmer Academy, WEduShare, the Khmer Preschool App and a series of apps under the company, MLabs.

  1. Khmer Academy

Developed by the Korea Software HRD Centre in April 2015, Khmer Academy is the first Cambodia-based e-learning platform aimed at sharing valuable and quality knowledge amongst the locals and improving the local education environment through the means of IT technology.

The website provides a plethora of content relating to IT fields at the moment, such as Computer and Mobile programming and Graphic Design; as well as Science-related subjects at both high school and secondary school level and even languages like Korean, English and Thai. With all the content predominantly in the Khmer language, locals can acquire the relevant knowledge they are looking for in a easy to understand and convenient manner.

Additionally, under the website, there is a section titled “All Khmer Docs”, also known as AKD. This educational online platform helps to provide provides useful documents for students to self-study and do research. The platform is full of documents, which are related to technology, health, language and some other subjects related to public school curriculum. Furthermore, the documents have been collected from a vast array of reliable sources and are categorised neatly for easy finding. This service has been developed for mobile as well, which can be downloaded here for Android Users and here for Apple Users.

Back in November 2017, Khmer Academy has successfully garnered over 100,000 users during its two years in the market – a significant feat for any player in the Cambodian Education Technology sphere.

  1. WEduShare

With the mission to give youth the power to stay connected with important information, get inspired and get access for help, WEduShare is an integrated, one-stop platform made for sharing information about how-to articles focused on a range of topics.

These topics include youth well-being and choosing a purpose-filled career. The platform also helps display workshops, events and mentorships, along with scholarship information and assistance in studying abroad too.

With a strong belief in the power of sharing information and empowering the local youth to embark on the journey of higher education, WEdushare has formed a welcoming online community filled with high achievers. Also, under its slew of achievements under its belt, WEdushare hit its one year anniversary back in 2017. With that, they have hosted 12 events with over 2000 participants, posted more than 3000 opportunities on their platform, had more than a million website views and even partnered with 50 and counting global organizations and university institutions.

  1. Khmer Preschool App

 Developed by Cambodian-based App developer iOS Khmer, this mobile application aims to teach children how to write the Khmer Alphabets, Numbers and Vowels in a fun and interactive manner.

All the user has to do is use their fingers to draw and trace, according to the arrows and the number of coins on the screen. The app also has a voice mechanism that pronounces each character on the screen. The free-of-charge app is available on both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

We at Geeks In Cambodia actually got the chance to sit down with Sok Ratha, the Commercial Manager from iOSKhmer, back in November 2016 to learn more about his application and you can read all about it here.

  1. MLabs Apps

Created by a group of students and friends, MLabs is a non-profit organisation with the main focus of using technology to improve the quality of education in Cambodia positively.

Under their long line of products so far, they have created the following Edtech Apps:

  • Find My Major: An app that allows local students to search for the most suitable major to take on in university

  • Financial Dictionary: A dictionary that can educate local Accounting and Finance students on key terms revolving around their syllabus

  • Periodic Table KH: The first functional periodic table for Cambodian high school students

  • Tax, Financial and Loan Calculator

  • H3 Survey: A simple survey tool for field researchers

Similarly, Geeks in Cambodia also received the opportunity to interview the co-founders of MLab, Sovannarote Kang and Lyheng Houng, about their project back in October 2016. If you are interested in learning more, you can head down here to read on.

To conclude, here is a quick summary of the aforementioned Edtech online platforms and mobile applications and their key features, especially if you are interested in downloading them or visiting these platforms:

Quick Summary of EdTech Online Platforms and Mobile Applications Information Source: WeduShare, Khmer Preschool App, Khmer Academy and MLabs Apps

Quick Summary of EdTech Online Platforms and Mobile Applications
Information Source: WeduShare, Khmer Preschool App, Khmer Academy and MLabs Apps

Do keep a lookout on Geeks in Cambodia for the next few weeks as we will be dishing out the final instalment of the series soon!