Increasing Demand for Smartphones in South-East Asia

Nearly 40 million smartphones have been sold across South-East Asia with a 9% increase in sales volume just within the first half of the year. Amongst the region’s key markets, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines proved to be the top 3 fastest growing markets with 27%, 13% and 10% growth respectively. And, the top 3 biggest smartphone markets were Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam with 14.9 million, 6.6 million and 6.0 million respectively.


Interview: Adding SPICE To The Cambodian Community

If you haven’t heard of the SPICE (Structuring Partnerships for an Innovative Communications Environment) program, it is an initiative headed by Open Institute and funded by USAID to facilitate the communication between NGOs and the general rural public in the country. We caught up with Javier Sola, the Chief of Party of Open Institute, to find out more about SPICE’s background, activities, and future direction!

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