NIPTICT: Drone Building in Phnom Penh

The National Institute of Posts, Telecoms & ICT will be organizing a course for free on Drone Building right here in Phnom Penh!

They will teach students how to build a drone and they will learn the software and the hardware behind it. The course will take 20-30 hours to complete in total. However, students will only have 3-6 hours per week in the afternoon once the course commences. The course will be free, but shortlisted students are expected to buy their own drone material (hardware) in order to practice.


Celebrate Free and Open Source Software in Phnom Penh!

On the 19th September, be sure to be at the National Institute of Posts, Telecoms, and ICT (NIPTICT) building from 1 – 5pm, for Phnom Penh will be celebrating Software Freedom Day! SFD is a global annual event coordinated by non-profit organisation Software Freedom International (SFI), which aims to celebrate the use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).


Conference on Khmer Language Processing

The Khmer Natural Language Processing Consortium was created in 2014, and gathers universities, researchers, NGOs and private sector companies working together on creating effective natural language processing tools aiming to improve access to information and communication in Khmer language.
The Khmer Language Processing Consortium and the National Institute of Posts, Telecoms & ICT (NIPTICIT) will … More


Technology And Future Development Workshop – Cambodia ISP Network Infrastructure

In this event, you will discover more about the local Internet Service Provider (ISP) network infrastructure and how these services are provided to subscribers like you! This workshop will take place at the NIPTICT satellite building, this Thursday on the 6th of August from 5.30pm to 7.00pm.


Technology And Future Development Workshop In Cambodia – Internet Exchange Point

Previously we covered the topic of iOS application development as part of the National Institute of Posts, Telecommunications and ICT (NIPTICT)’s monthly Technology and Future Development workshops in Cambodia.
In this third series of monthly workshops organized by NIPTICT, participants will get to learn about Internet exchange points and its role in securing a … More

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