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Gadget Review: Earin Is Alive With The Sound of Music

With a single ambition to be the world’s smallest wireless earbuds, Earin is here to introduce the ultimate fuss-free relationship with music: no wires, no cables, and no extra attachments. The earbuds are designed to fit snugly inside the curve of ears, and act as one Bluetooth headphone to seamlessly deliver high quality audio sound.


DI: Learn About Malaria Day 3 Surveillance

While Phnom Penh may be the city, there is no reason not to take extra precaution and learn more about Malaria Day 3 Surveillance, a mobile app initiative by the Control and Prevention of Malaria (CAP-M) project in conjunction with USAID Control. Development Innovations will be hosting an introductory session with regional M&E assistant KongMeng Seak this Friday for all to understand both the disease and app further.


The Gift of Cardboard from Google I/O 2014

In case you missed out, Google gave out $2 billion worth of virtual reality experience at their recent I/O developers’ conference last week. Google Cardboard, dubbed as such because the visor component which houses the phone is as simple as pizza boxes, is a DIY headset in which smartphones can be mounted upon to give the user a virtual reality experience.

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