Transform iPhone Photos Into 3D Videos With Matter

It is a common sight for iPhone photography to document our everyday moments, but there are times when the filters on Instagram just don’t bring out the impact of your photographs enough. Introducing Matter, giving users 3D effects with realistic shadows, reflections and even videos!


Trending Teens: Digital Statistics Cambodia 2014

What’s trending with Cambodian youth these days? Rounding up over 200 students across Phnom Penh’s universities with a tailored survey to highlight over 51.5% youth interaction with brands on social media platforms, we are standing our ground with a brand new infographic.


Instagram launches “Instagram Direct”

During a press conference that happened yesterday in New York, Instagram announced the launching of a new feature : « Instagram Direct ».
The new function consist in sharing photos and videos directly with specific friends and specific groups, meaning that the app would now offer the possibility to communicate privately (through private pics / videos and messaging).

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