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Getting Connected: Smart Office Gadgets

While smart homes are a common popular trend, why not have a smart office as well considering the amount of time we spend working in the office? In our fifth installment of our ‘Getting Connected’ series, we will take a look at four amazing, quirky home-based gadgets to smarten up your workplace!
Belkin WeMo … More


Getting Connected: Home Smart Home

For the second installment of our “connected” objects series, we are targeting the place closest to your heart: the home! Take a quick stroll with us around the familiar rooms you sleep, eat and relax in, as we show you the many possibilities of smartening up the place with Mellow, Project Gutenberg, Cybertecture Mirror and Emberlight! There is a rising group of gadgets that actively want to be part of your kitchen, living room, and even your bathroom — and they are here to stay.


Getting Connected: A Gadget A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away

Join us as we kickstart the our “Getting Connected” series with introductions towards the health sector, with smart gadgets like Lumo Back, Fitbit’s Flex, Scanadu Scout and Kosmo showing us how the smart path can be the right path towards healthcare!

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