Mobile Phones & Internet in Cambodia 2015 – Keep Yourself Up-to-Date!

Organized by the USAID’s Cambodia Development Innovations, speaker Javier Sola will be gracing the presentation by shedding some light into new data on mobile phones and Internet trends for 2015. He will also be touching on the kind of social media Cambodians are using today.


Interview: The Alternative Vibe From Ouzer

In our recent take of the top five mobile apps when traveling in Cambodia, we highlighted one of the newest homegrown faces around the block: Ouzer. Ouzer is a minimalistic phonebook app that aims to be the “ultimate companion out there”, giving users all the necessary information with a simple single-touch experience that can be accessed even when offline. Meet Sorya Pum, the 27-year-old mastermind behind the application, as he shared with us more about the alternative, trendy, and stylish views of his quest into the app sector.


Getting Connected: Home Smart Home

For the second installment of our “connected” objects series, we are targeting the place closest to your heart: the home! Take a quick stroll with us around the familiar rooms you sleep, eat and relax in, as we show you the many possibilities of smartening up the place with Mellow, Project Gutenberg, Cybertecture Mirror and Emberlight! There is a rising group of gadgets that actively want to be part of your kitchen, living room, and even your bathroom — and they are here to stay.

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