Introducing Crowdfunding Websites: For the Budding Entrepreneur or Creator

Are you someone who has a business or personal project that is in need of funding? If so, why not try out these crowdfunding sites. Compared to traditional funding by a single investor, crowdfunding utilises the large Internet community to help you spread the word and fund your project! Find out more by clicking on this article!


TOS Fund: First Mobile Crowdfunding Platform for CSOs in Cambodia

Ever since the 1990s, Cambodia has experienced an exponential growth of Non-profit Organisations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). One of the main concerns for many local CSOs in the Kingdom is sourcing for funds, which often turns out to be a time-consuming process as donors and the necessary support needed are not as readily available amongst the local communities here.


Retrospective: Crowdsourcing Week Global 2015

The 3rd annual Crowdsourcing Week Global (CSW Global 2015) took place in Genexis Theatre, Singapore, over the course of four days from 21 April 2015. With the year’s overarching theme of “Crowd Economy: Disrupting Billion Dollar Industries and Empowering Billions”, it saw the exchange of international insights pertaining to disruptive transformations, technological innovations, growth and market opportunities driven by crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and the crowd economy.

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