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Learning how to Code on the go with your Mobile Phone

With the amount of mobile phone users in Cambodia on the rise, we have compiled a list of mobile applications where you can learn coding basics from. You must be thinking smaller screen with no keyboard? No worries! Try and learn to code on the go and you will be surprised how much easier and convenient is it. Click on the article to find out more!


Intermediate Edition: Learn How to Code Online

What do the Youtube, Google and Pinterest websites all have in common? If you are a geek, you would know that every one of those websites were birthed with a source code. A source code is derived by coding, which it is simply imputing computer language into a software via text to build a new website specific to the colours and measurements. Last week we did a beginner’s guide to coding, but this week however, we will be introducing another 5 websites where those of you with a little bit more experience can learn how to code.

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