Startup&Angels Hosts Cambodian Edition

On 23 February 2017, Startup&Angels will host its very first edition in the Kingdom at Raintree Cambodia.

Positioned as one of the biggest tech and startup events so far, the event will bring together entrepreneurs, founders, developers, business angels, investors and the media around 10 accomplished speakers.

These speakers have all experienced success in the region or are founders of Cambodia’s most recognisable startups. The list of presenters based in Cambodia include Vichet In, co-founder of Khmer Load, Maxime Rosburger, the co-founder of, Shivam Tripathi, co-founder of CamboTicket, Langda Chea, co-founder of BookMeBus, and Sopheakmonkol Sok, co-founder of Codingate.

Aside from these local experts, you’ll also be able to listen to international speakers like Jon Yau, the founder of, who bought his online domain name for $250,000 only to break even a month later. Axel Peyriere, a business angel and mentor specialised in emerging markets, will also be speaking.

The event will feature several presentations and two panel discussions which can offer invaluable insight for those wanting to embark on their very own startup journey. The first of these panel discussions will focus on insights from the various founders of startups, who will be  giving advice on the various challenges they faced and how they overcame them to ensure the success of their project.

For the second panel, attendees will get to hear from investors and gain insight into their perspective as they share what attracts them to place funds in a startup.

In between the sessions, attendees can expect to interact with the speakers and have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

Here at Geeks in Cambodia, we are really excited at the new possibilities this event will help to facilitate, so if you’re someone who is interested in entering the startup scene, this event is definitely one you should join!

Organised in partnership with and 360 Ads & Events, Startup&Angels is bringing this event to Cambodia after running several successful editions in Australia. Previous events brought together more than 400 attendees with more than 30 industry experts featured as speakers.

It’s a testament to the startup potential in Cambodia that the company decided on the Kingdom as the location of its first event outside of Australia.

Sign up right now at to secure your early bird tickets which are going for $10. After the early bird period, general admission tickets will cost $20.

For more information about the event, check out the official website