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SnapDish : A Food Camera Mobile App

We had the pleasure to meet Hidetaka from Snapdish during Startup Asia event last april in Singapore.
We then had the opportunity to discover Snapdish mobile app which we didn’t know before.
At first sight you might think it’s another photo app amongst the numerous existing ones, but Snapdish is not only about taking and sharing … More


Micepad App : A Solution For Live Events

Micepad is a solution available on mobile and tablet, dedicated to live events, conferences and workshops.
With this app, events organisers are provided with customised solutions aiming at engaging their audiences.
Indeed, Micepad features specific modules that can be chosen, in order to offer a tailored experience to the attendees of an event.
If like us … More


PhnomPon : Daily Deals in Cambodia

Daily Deals websites have become very popular across the world in the past few years. Groupon is recognized as one of the major leaders, but recently in South East Asia, many local websites of that kind started taking the lead in countries such as Vietnam or Philippines for instance.
In Cambodia, there is also an online … More


Groopic mobile app : Group photos made easy

What if a mobile app could solve the issue of group photos, by allowing even the photographer himself to appear on the picture ?
That’s what Groopic mobile app brings to its users.

Indeed, Groopic‘s features offer the ability to take several picture in a row, each of them focusing on different members of … More

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