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Yoolk: Redefine Yellow Pages and Beyond

In recent years, many online users have discovered the revival of Cambodia Yellow Pages with new design and interface. Advanced search engine, integration with popular social networks, availability via mobile applications are only some of the innovations that can be noticed on a new Cambodia Yellow Pages version. All these improvements were developed by Yoolk … More


Khmer 24 : A leading Marketplace in Cambodia

We had the pleasure to meet Mr Ty Rady during TechCamp Phnom Penh event earlier this year, and as we were newly arrived in Cambodia at that time, we didn’t know much about successful online businesses here.
As Khmer 24 was introduced to us back then, we had no clue how popular this online marketplace was. As … More


CheckInTonight Mobile App Shakes Hotel Deals In Asia

Always eager to go deeper into the cambodian startup scene, we recently had the opportunity to discover CheckInTonight mobile application, as we were looking for relevant tips for geek travellers in Cambodia.
So far, what we knew about hotel deals was foremost related to websites, providing special discounts thanks to partnerships developed with hotels. But … More


SnapDish : A Food Camera Mobile App

We had the pleasure to meet Hidetaka from Snapdish during Startup Asia event last april in Singapore.
We then had the opportunity to discover Snapdish mobile app which we didn’t know before.
At first sight you might think it’s another photo app amongst the numerous existing ones, but Snapdish is not only about taking and sharing … More

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