StartUp Weekend Education Phnom Penh 2017

Techstars Startup Weekend is back in Phnom Penh again! This time held at the Emerald Hub from September 29 to October 1, they are kicking off their second ever education-centric startup with the focus on improving the approach to education in Cambodia.

Startup Weekend will offer a series of avenues for participants to learn more about how they can leverage on their product ideas and start up businesses from there. Over this weekend, participants will be able to bask in the same 54-hour long course of events ranging from experiential hands-on learning and collective ideation amongst like-minded individuals; making this installation not far from the first in terms of what it can offer.

Participants will also be able to acquire beneficial advice and feedback from professional mentors from diverse industries who have vast business experience; such as Monirath Siv, CEO and co-founder of Teach for Cambodia, Sophaline Mao, Partner Programmes (Asia Pacific) of Salesforce, Kagnarith Chea, Co-founder of Edemy and, Vitin Seng, Campus Director of H&K International School. Hence, this weekend will definitely be good opportunity for any passionate creators out there to be inspired to embark on their very own startup journeys!

The event will start off on Friday night with 60-second open-mic pitches and teams will be created based on the top, viable ideas presented. Throughout Saturday and Sunday, the teams will work on crafting their ideas through different concepts they will learn during the weekend, like learning the basics of entering a business venture, formulating business plans, and creating prototypes for potential clients to view and critique later on.

The weekend will conclude on Sunday with teams having a chance to pitch and demonstrate their products in front of an expert judging panel to truly give them a gauge their business idea’s validity and receive valuable feedback on their presented products. This year, the panel will include Bolene Pech, President and CEO of The Westline Development Group.

Last year’s Startup Weekend proved to be a great success with more than 10 teams from more than 50 participants from different walks of life. The 2016 event saw teachers, entrepreneurs and even students, with the youngest at 11 years old. Under the judgement of a panel of 5 judges from prominent firms and institutions, team Project Camp emerged victoriously on the top with Tos Rean and Academic Goal clinching the second and third places respectively.

So if you think you have some interesting ideas for improving education in Cambodia and are ready for a jam-packed weekend full of learning, creativity and networking, be part of Start-Up Weekend Phnom Penh 2017 and make your ideas a reality! Sign up here or visit their website for more information.