Startup Weekend Education: A Retrospective

Held at the Emerald Hub from September 29 to October 1 and organized by Techstar, Startup Weekend provided its participants with yet another edition of its education-centric event. Being its second run focusing on education, participants got the opportunity to learn and share ideas based on improving the approach to education in Cambodia during the 54-hour course of events.

This event saw over 50 participants from different walks of life, including students, entrepreneurs, students and more. On top of that, around 12 mentors and coaches graced the event to provide their invaluable insights, knowledge and expertise on a range of topics like, education, business, startups, technology and marketing.

As part of the main highlight of every Startup Weekend, teams had the chance to pitch and demonstrate the products they have been working on in front of an expert judging panel to truly give them a gauge their business idea’s validity and receive valuable feedback on their presented products.

Here’s a quick glimpse of the 8 teams who pitched and what their interesting business ideas are all about:

  1. My Reading Friends

A portal for book lovers and writers

  1. Happy Happen

A platform for school events, workshops and training

  1. BookBank

A portal for buying and renting books online

  1. TripRean

A web portal for outdoor education and focuses on experiences based on learning

  1. Y-Scholar

A web platform for scholarship information

  1. Know2Grow

A testing and evaluation platform portal for students from Grade 10 to 12


A one stop web portal for schools, universities and students where all information are stored and made available online

  1. KeLib

 Online and offline library and bookstore that features Cambodian books

In the end, BookBank and Y-Scholar managed to clinch the top prize, while TripRean got placed at second. Ms Nataly Rodionova, one of the four Startup Weekend judges in the panel, even commented, “The winners had a very good way of presenting a clearer and structured way of understanding the problem and how to solve the problem.”, clearly showing how the teams’ outstanding skills led to their big win.

All in all, this edition of Startup Weekend definitely proved to a not only successful, but fun and educational one as well! So if you are interested in seeing other Startup Weekend related updates or are interested in attending their future events, keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page here!