Startup Party #2 at Comm.ON

This Friday, 11th November 2016, Comm.ON, the co-working space based on the 3rd floor of the KOTRA building will be hosting the second Startup Party.

If you’re a startup CEO, an investor or a programmer, this Startup Party is meant for you! Come on down to network and share your experiences with like-minded individuals. Of course, it’s also a chance for you to have a little fun and make new friends!

While doing that, you’ll also be learning more about the startup community in Phnom Penh. What’s more,  every startup who wants to speak will be invited to do so. After speaking and answering a few questions, you’ll find yourself a member of this friendly community, cracking jokes and sharing a laugh with your fellow entrepreneurs!

Furthermore, as a startup, you might be facing some difficulties that others also have encountered. At this Startup Party, you won’t have to face them by yourself any longer! It’ll be a good place to meet people that can mentor you and provide you with advice.

Last month, on 21st October, the first Startup Party was held at Emerald Hub. After a brief networking session, every participant pitched and explained their startup idea. The time was managed with fun by Rithy Thul and the atmosphere was light as everyone could express themselves. Snacks and drinks helped everyone to find someone to talk to afterwards as well.

So even though you may have missed the first Startup Party,it’s not too late to catch the second one. It’s on Friday 11th November, at Comm.ON, in the KOTRA building, 3rd floor.

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Listing image creation and article editing by Joseph Soh