Spikes Asia 2017: A Retrospective

This year’s Spikes Asia 2017, which happened from 27 to 29 September at Suntec Singapore, surely provided its attendees with a jam-packed course of events!

Being the 30th edition of the event, this year saw a major revamp in its format, taking on a brand new festival style. On top of that, Spikes this year received 4,301 entries from over 23 countries in lieu of celebrating and honoring the best creative works from the Asia-Pacific Region (APAC), which is also the main aim of the this whole event.

Zooming in to the penultimate awards presentation, prestigious awards were given across 20 categories that revolved around sectors such as Design, Digital Craft, Entertainment, Film, Healthcare, Innovation, Integration, Music, Radio and much more.

The ceremony additionally announced the recipients of categories like Media Agency of the Year, Independent Agency of the Year, Network of the Year, Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year Award the Spikes Palm Award, the Grand Prix for Good and the Country Agency of the Year Award a new award that celebrates agency performance at a national level.

Furthermore, there was even the Young Spikes category, where teams of young creatives were just given two days to develop an innovative media strategy based on themes like Public Relations, Digital, Integration and Media and were awarded based on their efforts. If you are interested in seeing a more detailed list of the winners for each category, you can look at the complete winners’ list here.

Co-Chairman of Spikes Asia, Terry Savage, also commented on how this year’s crop of winning work was just an amazing example of how the Asia-Pacific region was embracing new creative trends. He said, “There’s been a growing movement of brands and their creative partners producing a new kind of work that goes beyond advertising. The ideas being recognised at Spikes this year show brands breaking out of traditional channels, impacting culture and delivering business results.”.

Besides the highlight awards presentation, attendees were also given a chance to enjoy a plethora of exciting activities to get their creative juices going in the spirit of celebration.

Firstly, there were a series of talks by various creative professionals from different fields of professions that helped to pass on invaluable and interesting information to its attendees about various sectors in the creative industry. For a full list of speakers present during Spikes Asia 2017, see the list on their website here.

This year also marked the first time the Tangrams Effectiveness @ Spikes Programme was introduced. The two-day programme helped provide exciting opportunities for attendees to hear from big creative names like Kent Wertime, Co-CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, and topics for this segment included “Data made easy”, “Creativity and Strategy in an Era of Machines”, “Entertainment: From Category to Culture” and many more. All in all, this allowed attendees to take part in client-agency discussions on strategic brand solutions and get insights to today’s most successful brands, which they can apply to their own businesses afterwards.

Overall, Spikes Asia 2017 proved to be a memorable celebration of creativity and innovation for all located in the APAC and we are sure the next edition will have even more to offer, so we cannot wait for that to happen next year! If you are interested in even more in-depth information, you can visit the Spikes Asia 2017 event page here or take a look at their Facebook page here.