Sompom’s Boru the Running Ninja

With its animated graphics and lighthearted nature, Boru the Running Ninja is one of the latest games to join Cambodian studio Sompom’s array of games. While the studio has released brainteasers or edutainment games such as Brainsquare and Origin, Boru the Running Ninja shines as an entertaining running game with a ninja named Boru.

Boru, the Running Ninja

Boru the Running Ninja is Sompom’s very own arcade-style jump-and-run game. With news characters and features coming soon, the game already has 29 levels to test your skills. Run with Boru as you master the speed of ninjas, defeat the laws of physics and survive marathons.

Boru the Running Ninja comes with marathon challenges and 29 levels

Despite the game’s entertainment value and its attractive graphics, Boru the Running Ninja was a challenging game to develop. Puthear, a developer from Sompom, said: “[Making sure the] player will have an addictive gameplay until the very end was not easy in the development.” Vichear, another member of the Sompom team, said: “On Android, supporting [the game on] lower devices such as the Galaxy Ace was challenging.”

One of Boru the Running Ninja’s many levels

Sompom’s BrainSquare has a strong fanbase in the US and Europe, and 1Word, its crossword puzzle game, has already garnered over 100,000 downloads. Sompom’s first game, Numbees and the world of Math, was also on the featured spot in Japan’s iTunes store.

Run with Boru the Running Ninja on the App Store or the Google Play Store, and visit Sompom for more information.