Social Media use on Smartphones

We will never tell enough how mobile industry is promising here in Cambodia. Numbers of subscriptions are growing everyday, and interest for mobile updates keeps amazing us ! Not only in Cambodia, but in whole Southeast Asia, mobile sector is also clearly on a roll, with a massive increase of smartphones sales. In Cambodia, most people questioned about their use of smartphone keep answering “Facebook”, or more generally “Social media” to be as important as the calls function. With around 800 000 Facebook users in Cambodia, and a high rate of Facebook connections through smartphones, we were very curious to know more about the general social media use on smartphones.

As we were searching for insights about this issue, we had the pleasure to find this interesting infographics focused on social media use on smartphones. Details are not specifically targeted on asian market, but it is already a good source of informations to learn more about these topics. And if you wish to go further and learn more about social media and mobile web in emerging markets, Jana Blog previously released a very interesting article about those topics.

Here is the complete infographics about Social Media on Smartphones :

smartphone infographics