Social Media Tip : Images size on social networks

At Geeks in Cambodia, we know it is always handy to get some tips about social media use, whether tips are focused on strategies or practical aspects.

Today, we had the pleasure to find a useful infographic about the different sizes of images and media to be used on most famous social networks.

Social media can be used for several purposes, such as marketing or advocacy for instance. But whichever message you’re willing to convey, we will never tell enough how visuals resources matter. Images are the first thing noticed by users, they are also a medium allowing to deliver a message in a faster and more effective way than a huge amount of text would.

So as images are very important in communications, all the visual materials displayed on social networks accounts have to be inspiring !

For all of our readers using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube, this infographic will be a good way to know how to prepare images at the right size before posting. In this regards, once posted, images will perfectly fit, make your social networks accounts look nicer, and deliver your messages and ideas in the right way…