Social Media Mistakes a Startup Should Avoid

You’ve finally gotten your startup running, you’re networking and getting your brand out there. What’s left to do is to make your presence known on social media.

You’ve geared up all the social media channels you can think of: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn – but are you aware that you have already committed a social media marketing sin?

Get to the Chalkboard

When it comes to social media marketing, it is important to have a strategy. Find out who your target audience is and what you want to achieve through social media. List down your objectives and take a look at the bigger picture. Do your objectives lead to your goals? Is your social media campaign in line with your traditional marketing plans? Ensure that your goals are measurable and achievable.

It’s All or Nothing

Commit to your strategy. Avoid being inactive or away on your social media accounts. Not having a Twitter account is better than having your latest tweet date a few months ago. Analyse interactivity and adapt to your audience’s preferences. Remember to keep your competition in mind.

Less is Sometimes More

It is a sin to select random social media platforms to market your brand or product. Cater your presence to your target audience. Where are they present? Don’t use precious resources on marketing that will go to waste.

Strike at the Golden Hours

Don’t post at inappropriate times. Know your target audience’s time zones and find out when they are the most active. A Facebook post has an average lifespan of 23 hours. You wouldn’t waste valuable hours by posting when most of your audience are asleep.

Don’t Demand Their Attention

Avoid posting too often. Overkill is never a good thing. Find a good balance between posting too much and posting too little.

Command Their Attention

Remember not to bore your audience. Talk to them, engage them, use humour, and be genuine, intelligent and sincere. Feature your personality. Sell your brand without selling.

It’s Not Always About You

Focus on your target audience and their interests. What are the current trends? Refrain from continuously babbling about your brand and your product. Empower and educate your target audience. There’s no need to be aggressive.

Fuel your enthusiasm, keep these mistakes in mind and stick to your strategy. Before you know it, your social media campaign will be smoothly up and running.

Adapted from Tech.Co.