Social Media Inspiration from Spikes Asia – Part 2

There are so many moments from Spikes Asia Festival that we would like to share, especially the ones that we think could inspire people.

When it comes to Social Media, inspiration is a key resource, as it can leverage creativity, one of the most important thing when developing a Social Media strategy.

“Creativity in the moment” is the name of the topic presented by Aliza Knox from Twitter during Spikes Asia Festival. This presentation brought inspiration and resources on how to use Twitter in a creative way, and how could Twitter be a relevant resource for brands when it comes to engage creative conversations with their community.

For Aliza Knox,”life is a series of now moments”, meaning that current moments, what is happening “right now”, really matter. All those moments happening “now” are passing through  Twitter at some point. Knox explains that Twitter was born on mobile (with 80% of users coming from mobile devices), and is currently the life companion of heaps of “Tweeps” now used to tweeting and sharing their everyday thoughts. As a brand or a company, being aware of those “now moments”, and joining the conversation can be a smart way to get closer from an audience.

An example given by Knox is the ZzzQuil‘s one, a sleep-aid medecine. This brand relied on the trends showing when people talk the most about their sleep issues on Twitter, and engaged conversation with them during these key-moments.

“Each moment is an opportunity for brands to engage” as Knox says. So listening to what people have to say through Social Media channels like Twitter is an essential step when it comes to Social Media management.

For Knox, “Twitter is the shortest distance between you and what interests you the most”. Therefore, it is one of the best place to create connections between users sharing specific topics-related contents, and brands willing to target specific conversations.

“Moments matter, brands should plan for live moments”

Learn more about using Twitter as a creative tool in the following video-interview of Aliza Knox :