Social Media Handbook for Cambodian Users

In an effort to help civil society users communicate effectively to their audience through social media, USAID’s Development Innovation project has collaborated with the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) to create the Social Media Handbook: Tips for Civil Society Users.

USAID and CCC hopes that the handbook will provide the necessary tips and tools for communications staff at civil society organisations (CSO) to plan and effectively manage their social media feeds.

The handbook is a 52 page document that is readily available to individuals and organisations free of charge. It was designed in response to the increasing demand for strategic social media assistance which comes as no surprise as social media usage has increased exponentially in the Kingdom.

In fact, the handbook starts off with an infographic that highlights the trends in Cambodia’s social media usage. It reports that 34% of Cambodians are currently on Facebook, which is more than twice the number who were on the platform in 2013.

These statistics are inline with WeAreSocial’s September 2016 digital handbook report, which shows that there are currently 4.2million social media users in Cambodia, which is a 1.8million increase from March 2015.

If you’ve been following us on Geeks in Cambodia, you would’ve also realised that we’ve been covering the rise of social media in Cambodia too!

As for the contents of the handbook, the bulk of it is made up of 8 sections which layout the steps for using and managing social media accounts. These sections include “Define Goal, the Objectives & Targets for Social Media”, “Create Engaging Content”, “Develop a Content Plan” and “Monitor and Improve your Social Media”. Each of these sections use different tools to help you better understand the strategies being written about.

These tools include screenshots, figures, tables, flow charts and even case studies so you can see how the strategies are applied in the real world. For example, in the section “Promote Your Facebook Page”, screenshots of how a Facebook page is promoted through social media influencers are included as well as photographs of how offline promotion is used to promote the page.

Other than these 8 sections, another 2 sections in the handbook are dedicated to giving tips on managing specific aspects of your social media pages. These are given in a form of a list of practical steps that CSOs can adopt to better manage their social media platforms. The topics of these sections are “Manage an Ethical Social Media Page” and “Facebook Page Privacy and Security”.

At the end of the handbook, 9 worksheets are also included which will help you plan, organise and clarify the objectives and the content of your social media page. A comprehensive and easily understandable document, this handbook is definitely one for you if you’re managing your organisation’s social media.

So go ahead, checkout the handbook and you’ll be on your way to managing an effective social media account!

The full handbook can be found at