Social Innovation 101 Cambodia

Imagine you have a great idea for an app that could help hundreds of thousands of people”…

First sentence introducing Social Innovation 101 event is catchy, and clearly grabbed our attention. This session, that will take place next Tuesday (March 11) in Phnom Penh, is an opportunity to learn “why it’s so difficult (but easy at the same time) to be innovative and how to find your way to success by using a blend of science and creative thinking”.

The speech will be given by Mike Rios, who will share his own experience as the founder of 17 Triggers, an innovative agency we are very fond of. Indeed, 17 Triggers stands for human values and has a strong belief that “ if marketing can be used to sell beer and cigarettes, it can also be used to help people live healthier, happier lives”.

Known as the “adman with the bleeding heart”, Mike has previously collaborated with various renowned advertising agencies across the world, and quitted everything to work as a consultant for the development sector, until he founded 17 Triggers in 2010.

“101” stands for “introducing”, meaning you’ll be able to discover the basics, and foundation level of this subject.

If you are as eager as we are to attend this session, see you next tuesday from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm at Himawari Hotel !