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CCIM launches a new multimedia platform in Cambodia

We already introduced Cambodian Center for Independant Media in a previous post from last month, and are glad to pass the word on their latest release.
Last week, CCIM officially launched a new multimedia platform called VOD Hot News (VOD standing for “Voice Of Democracy”), available in Khmer language. This platform aims at sharing news focused … More


Open Development Cambodia bridges Tech and Civic-mindedness

Open Development Cambodia is a project focused on Cambodia, gathering informations “to help consolidate access to up-to-date information about Cambodia“.
We had the pleasure to recently meet a part of the team working on this project during Barcamp Battambang event, and it is with great interest that we started to discover this “online hub“, bringing … More


When mobile technology serves journalism in Cambodia

CCIM (Cambodian Center for Independant Media), a cambodian organization created in 2007, aims at promoting independant media, and bringing educational and informative programs to Cambodia.
As elections will take place next july in Cambodia, CCIM made the move to teach journalists how to use new technologies in the reporting process in regards to these upcoming elections.


Social Good and Startup

As we already explained, here at Geeks in Cambodia, we’re passionate about Startups, but we’re also really excited about everything related to Social Good.
Quick reminder, we call “Social Good” all initiatives bridging tech or innovation to social change. Bottom line, any project using tech resources for solidarity or education purpose could be defined as … More

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