SnapDish : A Food Camera Mobile App

We had the pleasure to meet Hidetaka from Snapdish during Startup Asia event last april in Singapore.

We then had the opportunity to discover Snapdish mobile app which we didn’t know before.

At first sight you might think it’s another photo app amongst the numerous existing ones, but Snapdish is not only about taking and sharing pictures, it has its own specific identity.

Indeed, Snapdish app is all about food lovers ! Through this app, people can share dishes they made by themselves, some dishes from restaurants, but also receipes. From the app menu, you can browse pictures by categories such as famous dishes, famous receipes, types of dishes and cooking styles, and even pictures taken around your location.

photo snapdish

Once in the types of dishes menu, you can browse through a choice of starters, desserts, main dishes and so on, as well as world cuisine types (french, japanese, indonesian…). Once you chose a specific category, for example Japanese food, you can chose between homemade dishes and receipes. If you browse the other categories, such as famous receipes, you can access pictures from their dates of publication, from last few days to previous month.

The app also get social functions, as you have the possibility to rate, comment other photos, and to interact with other users.

snapdish mobile app

You can discover the complete presentation of the app in the following video :