SmartLock and SmartBike, two smart devices to protect your Motorbike

Motorbikes are the most popular means of motorized transports in Cambodia, representing a strong market and numerous opportunities for motorbike service providers in the country.

Going through one of favorite website’s resources recently, we discovered some devices that might interest most Cambodian riders.

The SmartLock and the SmartBike are two devices that allow you to stay permanently connected with your motorbike. Engineers from Digi-Gps, who were initially specialized in locking vehicles, created those devices, willing to bring smart and novel protections for motorbikes.

The Smartlock, a Bluetooth device that can be paired with your motorcycle electric system, is worth around 25$. If anyone attempts to touch or steal your motorcycle, it automatically sends you a message. However beyond 30 meters (limit for the Bluetooth connection), you won’t be alerted. Another useful feature is an automatic lock that turns on when you move more than 10 meters away from your motorbike.

The SmartBike comes with more sophisticated features, along with a higher price. This 80$ Bluetooth device offers the same functions as the previous one, plus a SIM card. Thanks to this, you can track and geolocalize your motorbike via GPS. This an interesting feature for people who easily forget where they parked their vehicle! You also can turn off your motorbike by simply texting it via the iOS app or via text message.

Digi-Gps has been working on locking system on motorbikes for over two years. With the growth of e-commerce, the company measures the incoming opportunities. Online businesses are investing in new generation of motorbikes, which represents a god opportunity for Digi-Gps to spread their technology to other markets.

Digi-Gps is although facing a serious competitor in the smart-locking motorcycle market: SetechViet, a pioneer in this kind of technology. So far, SetechViet have already sold about 1,000 of their devices whereas Digi-Gps’ products are currently under development. However, SetechViet is facing some issues related to production delays for the second version of their device.

Both manufacturers are currently operating on the Vietnamese market, and we’ll stay aware in case they plan to target the Cambodian market somehow.

Source : Tech in Asia