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Next Saturday (Nov 5), Support Her Enterprise (SHE) investments will be running The 2016 SHE Conference, which will be a unique celebration of female entrepreneurship right here in Cambodia.

Engage in a full day of networking, coaching workshops and inspiring presentations by leading keynote speakers to help you take the next step with your business.

Hosted by Development Innovations located on Street 271, the event is open to everyone, whether you’re a man, woman, husband or wife! Its guaranteed to be a great chance for you to listen to the stories of up-and-coming entrepreneurs and be coached by international business experts while swapping business stories and advice with like-minded individuals.

So if you’ve got a business idea, this is definitely the event for you. Tap into the experience and expertise that SHE Investments brings along in business.

Over the past two years, SHE investments has helped to launch and boost the careers of people like Yern Chantou and Vong Savenn through their SHE Incubator Programme.

For Chantou, she started her business after attending the SHE Conference in October 2015 and the SHE Incubator programme in April this year. Since then, she has expanded her business to sell her organic coconut oil in several stores around Phonm Penh through market research and testing.

Vong Savenn, on the other hand, is a member of the Artisans Association of Cambodia and has not only grown her business of hiring women to make jewellery from recycled paper, she has even started another business – selling juice!

Both these business women were helped along the way by SHE Investments and this is the quality of advice you can expect when you attend the conference.

The line-up of speakers at the conference is equally impressive, with speakers who bring with them unparalleled experience and expertise in the leadership sector.

One of the speakers at the conference is Michelle Naiser who is an experienced leadership consultant. She has consulted and/or coached the management teams across many different sectors including banks, airlines and non-profit organisations.

Another speaker at the conference is Julianne Kuhlmann. She is a well respected Executive Coach and Performance Management Specialist who is the owner and executive director of AsiaAus Leaders, a company that focuses on designing leadership strategies for companies.

A third speaker who will be making a presentation at the conference is Emma Weber, the developer of a teaching methodology known as TLA (Turning Learning into Action) that has been delivered in 20 countries across the globe.

With so many great speakers and the proven track record of SHE Investments helping to propel businesses in the Kingdom to the next level, this conference is definitely one for ladies with big business dreams.

For us at Geeks in Cambodia, we hope that this event will be a platform for many female entrepreneurs to connect, network and collaborate.

So what are you waiting for? Tickets are running out fast – sign up for The 2016 SHE Conference here!

If you want to know more about SHE Investments, you can check out the interview we did with their founder Celia Boyd here.