SHE Investments unveils Entrepreneur Incubator and Accelerator Programme

SHE Investments is well known in the Cambodian entrepreneur community for its fantastic work in supporting, promoting, and developing women-led and women-owned businesses across the country.

In Cambodia, 65% of businesses are owned by women, but most of these are tiny and only serve a few people. Bigger businesses are overwhelmingly owned by men. As part of its efforts to provide meaningful and sustained value to the most promising Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), SHE has partnered with Development Innovations (DI) and the Commerce and Women’s Affairs Ministries to start a new incubator and accelerator programme for qualifying businesses in the Kingdom.

At the launch event in Phnom Penh, 58 scholarships were awarded from an application pool of more than 350. Each recipient will receive 6 months of programmes that will help participants to scale up their businesses and bridge the gap in the SME sector, explained SHE Investments Managing Director Celia Boyd.

“The programmes will include an additional layer of support to introduce participants to technology tools that can help to improve and scale enterprises, from financial management apps to HR systems, all of which have been created within Cambodia, for Cambodian businesses.”

Geeks in Cambodia was at the recent SHE Conference, and you can read more about it HERE.


DI Cambodia is a 6-year programme funded by USAID to support tech capacity and development in the Kingdom. More than 70 tech solutions have resulted, including SHE Investment’s business information portal Ngeay Ngeay, noted Kate Heuisler, DI Chief of Party.

“The SHE network continues to serve entrepreneurs as they grow, and become ever more self-reliant. Today, we celebrate all the women who have been chosen to be a part of the next round of the SHE Accelerator and Incubator program, and the incredible team of people who work at SHE Investments,” she explained.

“Economically empowered, successful businesswomen can be a positive force shaping civic and political life in Cambodia and around the world,” Deputy U.S. Embassy Mission Director Michael Newbill told the assembled guests, which included Under Secretaries of State from the Women’s Affairs and Commerce Ministries.

“While you may not see the United States building roads and bridges in Cambodia, we are proud that much of our efforts here are focused on helping Cambodians improve their human resources and develop new economic opportunities,” he added.