Retrospective: The 3rd Round of Mobile Monday Phnom Penh

We have previously mentioned Mobile Monday (MoMo) during its launch at Development Innovations, and now we are back after joining their third session. This is a global network of monthly events connecting like-minded people together to share common knowledge on interest topics about mobile technology and businesses around.

The series of MoMo sessions are hosted every first Monday of each month internationally. Here in Cambodia, Development Innovation launched the 3rd Mobile Monday Phnom Penh on 7th July 2014, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. For this session, we focused on the topic, “Youth and Mobile Technology”, and saw four speakers’ from various sectors sharing their views on the implications of this issue on businesses in the country.

The gathering of participants

The gathering of participants

The event welcomed over 50 participants, with the majority being IT students in attendance, all coming from various universities across Phnom Penh. All attendees could speak freely, asking any question around the topic that they got from the speakers.

At the beginning of the session, Mr. Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart Axiata, shared his view about Smart Axiata’s clients. He said that currently at least 1.5 million of Smart network’s subscribers are using Internet throughout their mobile devices, while 6 million subscribers are using this network. When mentioning about the price, the truth was that 1GB of data only amounted up to $2 maximum. If we compared the price of voice call and Internet with other country around world, we can see that the price is very affordable in Cambodia.

Mr. Puth Keoaudom, the Product Manager of CamMob, shared his view about social media trends in Cambodia. He said that there were very huge amount of Facebook users in Cambodia (Note: Statistics show that there are a total of 1,420,000 Facebook users actively online every month.) If we look at this amount, we probably think that every Facebook user in Cambodia is familiar with the knowledge of using mobile technology. However, he added that this knowledge is limited for them, especially for people who live the rural area and only know how to use Facebook for entertainment and lifestyle purposes. They don’t know how use other web technologies, such as email, or even access to any website for their personal development. Only a small part, especially the people who live the city, know how to benefit throughout social media channels, such as finding jobs, scholarship opportunities, promote their businesses, finding educational workshops or any tech events, and they even can get the fresh news about any social issue that happen across Cambodia.

Speakers wrapping up the session

Speakers wrapping up the session

Targeting the limited amount of people who have knowledge about technology in Cambodia, Mr. Chantra Be, the Lead Organizer of BarCamp events, shared his topic about the benefit of Barcamp events. He said that this event is a free workshop that happened everywhere — whether in the city or in the province — and this workshop helps to spread out knowledge to everyone about technology, startup and personal development from various expert speakers.

To conclude, I must say that Mobile Monday Phnom Penh is the event to inspire everyone about the general aspect across mobile technology and any startup idea through expert speakers who come from various companies and organizations. Moreover, this event also gives a chance for everyone to network for upcoming opportunities in the future.

We will get back again for the next month’s session, so be sure to keep checking this space out!


Author : Rattana Keo

Edited by : Cally Cheung